Benefits Of A Writing Contest

Benefits of a writing contest are no doubt both for the contest organizer and for the contest participants. They are especially beneficial to improve writing skills and to promote the articles that have been registered in the contest. The benefits of writing contest are great, especially if the contest organizers and the participants of the… Read more Benefits Of A Writing Contest

Lyric Writing

Lyric writing is a highly creative writing style where words are taken to be added to a style of music, and then are sung to a melody, or spoken, thus creating something we call a song. Lyric writing is recognized as art, so if you have decided to start writing lyrics, you will automatically become… Read more Lyric Writing

Kinda like the time that lady farted on my leg in the checkout line

Need some inspiration for writing original song lyrics? Check out the following story that a girl friend of mine told me yesterday. Hope you like it and that it may be inspirationally. Saturday Night at the Italian Hall ’16 was not nearly as interesting as the ’15 version. I didn’t limp to the Hall doors… Read more Kinda like the time that lady farted on my leg in the checkout line


We kind of like the Songbay website. It is a one-of-a-kind marketplace and THE place to go if you want to sell, buy, or trade original Lyrics and Music. Songbay is (rightly so) pretty proud of the diversity and quality of their music & lyrics library that contains compositions, performances, and recordings by numerous artists… Read more Artist

A Glimpse Into the Future

Want to get inspired to write some out-of-this-world lyrics? Well, reading books or interesting stories (at the moment I’m actually reading a lot of Shakespeare, amazing and inspiring!),  is definitely helping you get ahead. Check out the following story that a good girl friend of mine sent me a couple of days ago. May this… Read more A Glimpse Into the Future

The stronger one

Just to give you some ideas for your best song lyrics… “You forgive too easily… His words, dripping with absolute bitterness and anger, cut me deep. Sixteen-years-old, blossoming from a girl into a young woman, I was unaware that this was a bad thing. Is it? Yes, you’re naive. You’ll believe any promise thrown at… Read more The stronger one